Your Family of Origin is God: Accept No Substitutes

Let “Us” make man (humanity) in our own image, according to our likeness. Gen. 1:26

The words in this verse and their message are beginning to transform my thinking. They are helping me establish what’s at the core of my true identity and what brings me value. As a result, I’m starting to reject false securities that base my identity on anything other that God.

The youngest daughter of a dear friend joined me for dinner last night. It was our first opportunity to meet. My first glance at her brought an immediate image of her mother to mind. This daughter’s dark hair, captivating ebony eyes, and athletically tall and lean body were the spitting image of her mother.

When Satan sees us, it’s the same. He see’s God’s image whenever he sees His children. Because God’s our blueprint, our original cast, we bear His image. God used more than dirt to create us, He used His very own breath. His breath made us alive. God is alive within us and we display His image. Here lies our identity…in God.

We are commonly asked to identify our family of origin, which typically means the human beings God used to transport His children into the world. These family members have a great power to influence along with the culture we grow up in. I don’t want to dismiss the positive impact of our earthly families and culture or negate the wounding and injury they afflict upon our self-esteem. I simply want to invite us to return to the core source of our identity…God.

There’s a danger of looking to others or to ourselves to establish our significance and value. When we discover God created us with value and significance, we stop trying to use our skills and abilities to establish value and significance and instead live with an awareness that we are made in God’s image and allow that image with it’s goodness to flow out to others. In doing so, we stop striving and start living.

Reflection Question:

  • What am I doing to try to earn value or significance?


  • Father, reveal any false securities that I clinging to instead of you? Free me from looking to others or myself for significance or value.

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