What’s God Growing in Your Life?

Read Judges 16:21-31

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37

Fight the good fight of the faith. 1 Timothy 6:12

When we neglect to identify thoughts, actions, even unhealed emotional wounds, they remain as harlots of the mind and heart distancing us from Christ’s healing and redemptive power. Sampson was blinded and chained by the enemy God had strengthened him to defeat. Like Sampson, what we fail to conquer, eventually conquers us. Instead of delivering God’s enemies, Sampson served as a slave grinding their grain.

Even in prison, God did not abandon Sampson. Once again God used Sampson’s anger and desire for vengeance to bring Sampson to a place of self-sacrifice. We see God working in the rubble and decay of our human error and vain pursuits, turning the tables on the enemy. Our conditions and humiliations may overwhelm us, but they don’t overwhelm God or prevent His redemptive plan from kicking into place.

Sampson, who at an earlier time couldn’t resist enemy enticements, now simply wanted their destruction. At last, Sampson’s desires were aligned with God’s, and the Philistine prison became a place for the hair of Sampson’s head to grow. Strength was returning and victory was stirring.

Sampson’s life reminds us that no matter how unsalvageable your situation appears, when you release your desires to pursue God’s, the enemy thoughts and established plans for your life will crumble in a heap of ruins. What the Philistine’s planned for Sampson’s defeat, God planned as a final victory.

When we recognize enemy thoughts and desires, resist them by replacing them with a desire for God and His word, God will strengthen us to defeat the enemy. This allows us to live victorious lives of freedom.

Personal Response

Ask God to help you:

  • Recognize enemy thoughts and desires
  • Resist them
  • Replace them with God’s desires for your life

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