In the Midst of the Mess, God is at Work

Read Judges 14:10-20

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. So then, don’t be afraid. Genesis 50:20-21

But I will hope continually and will praise you yet more and more. Psalm 71:14-15

Sampson’s strength and behavior must have been a concern for the bride’s parents. Providing thirty guards to police the wedding festivities wasn’t a typical wedding expense. Nonetheless, peaceful serenity rarely occurs when Sampson is around.

For Sampson, greed triumphed over good sense. It wasn’t enough that he was pursuing a marriage with an unbeliever, partying in wine country, he was now scheming a way to increase his earnings on his wedding day.

Like Sampson, our selfish pursuits blind us. We fail to recognize the compromises we make while grasping what we want. We are clueless to the hurt and injury our words and behaviors inflict upon others. A shot of humility could enlighten Sampson to the danger of living for oneself, allow him to see how his choices impact others, and instead of living a life of self-indulgence, discover the freedom of self-sacrifice.

Since the Garden of Eden, God’s been pursuing us, promising redemption, and carrying out His redemptive plan for the world. Leave it to God to work through our selfishness and disobedience. Although our choices, like Sampson’s, rob us, they do not hinder God from conquering the enemy and accomplishing His redemptive plans. If Sampson wouldn’t develop godly character in his life, then God would allow his self-indulgent lifestyle to become a thorn in the flesh to the enemy.Since Sampson wouldn’t sett himself apart from the enemy, God used enemy betrayal, manipulation, and death threats to stir Sampson’s anger so strongly that he launched an enemy attack.

It’s interesting how God works. Sampson’s battles with the Philistines were always single handed. This was a strategy similar to the Philistines who oppressed Israel, not by great army attacks, but by repeated small party attacks destroying their crops and plundering their villages and homes. Leave it to God to turn the tables on the enemy.

Personal Response

It’s easy to become disappointed and disillusioned with those pursuing selfish desires while living disobedient lives. We all feel the pain and injury that results. Although we can’t avoid being impacted by what we see, hear, feel, or experience, we are never without hope. Sampson’s life shows us that God uses godly and ungodly choices to work His redemptive plans to conquer the enemy.

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