One Thing You Lack

Read Mark 10:17-31

“But at these words he was saddened, and he went away grieving, for he was one who owned much property.” Mark 10:22

A wealthy young man who from an early age has complied with religious and cultural expectations asks Jesus, “What else must I do to inherit eternal life?” His words, like ours, reveal the misperceptions of our thinking and the heart attachments that enslave us.

Jesus addressed his faulty thinking explaining that eternal life is a free gift. Although freely available, it is never attainable through human effort.

Jesus’ next endeavor was to release this man’s imprisoned heart. He offered this rich property owner freedom through giving away the wealth that held him in bondage in order to embrace kingdom life in Christ.

The decision of this young man is one of the Bible’s saddest stories because this man left Jesus sad and grieving, unwilling to accept Christ’s lordship.

You see, Christ doesn’t want to take away our possessions, wealth, or family, He simply wants us to release the idols that enslave us robbing us from accepting the freedom of His lordship.

Personal Prayer

Father, reveal any faulty thinking and heart attachments that keep me from receiving the freedom of your lordship.


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