Freedom’s Dance

“I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt, O Virgin Israel. Again you will take up your tambourines and go out to dance with the joyful.” Jeremiah 31:4

It’s been two months since our relocation to San Jose. God’s direction on this next chapter of our lives has involved a downsizing and releasing of many things along with the physical separation of family and friends. Although I’ve remained confident that this is God’s plan, it hasn’t been easy. The sale of our home required removing the final furnishings including two antique Louis XVI French armoires. All my efforts to find new homes for them proved futile. It’s hard to locate a vacant nine foot high space in a home and I wasn’t aware of any museums adding to their collections of French antiques.

It’s taken me 60 days to finally let God take control. I’ve experienced anxiousness, worry, and a lack of sleep but I’m finally ready to release the treasures that had become shackles imprisoning my heart.

It was during the Fourth of July Sunday worship that God gave me a picture of what He completed in my life. As the music stirred a desire to dance, I imagined myself asking Jesus to dance. At first I was dancing with Him, then I dancing independently as He infused my steps bringing grace and beauty to my movements. I knew instantly that this was a dance of freedom and my past journey allowed me to experience this dance.

One question remained in my mind that I presented to Jesus. Since He pursues me, why did I ask Him to dance instead of Him asking me?

His response was, “Lorie, I’m always available and waiting to dance with you. You are not free to dance with me when your hands and heart are attached to things and people. Your release brought you to the dance floor and into the dance of freedom.”

Personal Response

What attachments keep you from freedom’s dance? Ask Christ to free you to be able to dance freely with Him by revealing any:

  • Plans you’ve formed that you need to surrender.
  • Desires you pursue that compete with His desires for you.
  • Treasured things and relationships you are grasping that prevent you from dancing with Him.

2 Responses to “Freedom’s Dance”

  1. holly pankratz Says:

    What a beautiful picture. Love this-thank you for sharing!

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