God is Always Good

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1

I’m growing increasingly concerned when friends share positive updates and close with the words “God is so good!” Please understand that I have no doubt about the goodness of God and no desire to question God’s goodness. Yet, these comments trigger a warning sign in me when favorable situations become a determiner of God’s goodness.

The Bible clearly states that God is always good! He was good when humanity first messed up and is good when we repeatedly make poor choices. God is good when earthquakes rumble and roar, when tsunamis devastate and destroy, when a life is birthed and when death becomes a graduation from earth to heaven or hell. God was good, is good, and will forever be good.

Our circumstances will wax and wane, outcomes will at times appear favorable and at other times, hopeless. Even so, whether events give us a reason to celebrate or shatter our earthly plans and hopes, God is always good.

Personal Response

  • Determine today to daily acknowledge God’s goodness regardless of your circumstances.
  • Thank God for the favorable outcomes you’ve experienced and also thank Him that He remains good (and at work in your life) when you experience undesirable outcomes.

2 Responses to “God is Always Good”

  1. Andrew Shetley Says:

    The churches in Texas, where we lived a few years, had a custom that is appropriate to this truth. When a speaker would say, “God is good.” The hearers would respond, “All the time!”.

    • Lorie Says:

      You have a great custom established and a wise pastor who has trained the people to recognize God is always good. God’s good when He allows pain (whose lessons are not learned through other avenues). He’s good when He say’s no to our requests because they are not for our good. How many people would have lived to regret the granting of many of our ignorant and dangerous prayer requests. God is good when He says no to a request because He plans to upgrade us to something better. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

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