Re-Examining Wrong

For years God has directed me to the Isaiah 30:15 verse that states, “In returning and rest shall ye be saved, in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” I knew this verse was an answer to my problem, but I never knew what it meant, that is until today.

While studying today I discovered that fearing God has nothing to do with being afraid, it simply means understanding that God’s intentions towards me are always loving and his actions towards me are always good. So whatever comes, God acts lovingly and works good in my life. This understanding helps me to redirect my initial opposition to undesired situations and to keep my heart resting because I’m confident that he is at work.

This is a breakthrough for me. I have this pattern of immediately judging situations that I dislike as wrong and needing to be fixed. This faulty thinking becomes a slippery and sinful descent into negativity and judgment. Accusations form in my mind and I become angry at individuals who haven’t acted in a way or manner that I personally like or approve.

Now I may not like the situations that arise, the choices people make, or the consequences that result, but God promises to work through whatever happens to produce good in me and in my life. So instead of wondering why God’s protective hand didn’t prevent this situation, I can instead look to see how God is working good in the midst of my undesired circumstances.

Nothing stops God from working. God responded to Adam and Eve’s sinful action in the Garden by putting his redemptive plan into place. Leave it to God not to need ideal circumstances, but to work his loving intentions and actions in the midst of the real and undesirable situations we face.


Help me release my faulty misperceptions and demanding expectations of life, of others, and of myself. Teach me live in anticipation of the good you are doing in my life and in the world.

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